Is my coconut oil refined or unrefined?


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My coconut oil is Green Pasture brand, and it says "Organic, cold pressed virgin coconut oil". How do I know if it's refined or unrefined?


The reason I'm asking is that a friend gets "organic, pure, unrefined extra virgin" coconut oil at Costco way cheaper than I'm getting mine. I was just wondering if it will be different at all than the kind I get now. I really like the one I have, but it looks like it'll cost me over $200 a year for coconut oil at the rate we're using it, so I could use the savings as long as I'll like the Costco stuff!

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If you can smell and taste coconut, it's unrefined.  If it doesn't have a smell or taste, it's refined.


If this is your coconut oil then it's unrefined - notice that it is even advertised as having a taste.


Note that either refined or unrefined is acceptable on Whole30, it's a matter of whether or not you like to smell or taste coconut in your food.  The Costco version sounds like it's unrefined as well - so if you like the smell/taste of it, and you can get it cheaper, go for it!

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