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Started 26 august, still going strong

Black Snow

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Started 26 august, still going strong.


I started the 26th of august to support my wive (She started on the same date).  She whisely found he Whole 9 and Whole 30 program. As a present she gave me a Whole 30 subscribtion. Now after following this program a few days and reading more and more I am enthousiastic. Weightloss is not one of my goals, but a healthier life and feeling more happy is. There were some hard moments the last days, but nothing that didn't pass. And te food tastes good every time.


Furthermore I love to do all kind of sports but my busy life does not always let me go as often as I want. Also before I started I only slept a maximum of 6 hours a night. Now this program is the beginning of changing all that. :-)


I hope to read more good information and may be, I can sometimes share my experiences or just support someone for the sake of it.


Greetz Dennis,







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