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DC Area CSA-ish online grocery


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I'm going to try this new venture out.  They are based in Charlottesville so 'local' for me and I like their model (and their website)  I want to support them!  They have like.... everything.  I love going to farmers markets, but this will help me when I don't get up early enough (!) or when I need to curb the impulse buying.  Their point is you don't have to drive around to multiple stores... which is what I've been doing lately.  Pick up locations are really all over DC metro area.  Delivery is available for a charge


This link gets you $30 off a $50 order so you can try it:





It gets me something too, although I don't remember what, for referring.  So if that icks you out, a little careful searching on facebook should get you the same offer.

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