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Day 31


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Day 31--


I can't believe how fast the past few weeks have flown by. For the most part, I ate pretty well before but this summer I just had too much fun at weddings, on vacations, and weekends in general. I was working out a lot but not seeing the results I should have been with the work I was putting in. I know that what you eat has the most influence (abs are made in the kitchen), so I said it was time to clean things up for real! My boyfriend volunteered to join me, so that made it especially easy at home and to have that daily support. I have not weighed myself yet but, I do feel leaner. My boyfriend lost about 10 pounds. We both agree that we love how we feel and will continue to eat this way unless an occasion arises. For me, it's a few weeks before of an event I know of but he has a guy's weekend planned.. so I am curious to hear how it goes! Now for the good and the bad.


The bad.


I think because my habits were pretty good to start (at least Monday-Friday), I did not feel all of the negative effects listed on the timeline. I found myself having headaches, but once I increased my starchy veggies, those dissapeared. Around week 3, I found myself having some digestive issues. I think it was due too many days of new veggies, all on the FODMAP list, so I took time to elminate all of those, start taking digestive enzymes, and drinking kombucha. One or all of those things helped until day 28.. but I think I've identified that I can't handle a whole avocado, every day. Which breaks my heart...but I'm backing away for a while to see if things clear up, especially before I attempt to reintroduce anything.


The good.


*Deeper sleep-- Though I'm still waking once or twice to use the restroom, I wake up feeling refreshed. When my alarm goes off at an early hour for my morning workout, I am no longer fighting to stay in bed. (No one really wants to get out of a warm bed). I'm making an effort to get 8 hours of sleep a night and it's definitely paid off


*Steady energy level-- I have noticed there is no longer a dip in my energy level as the day goes on. What I wake up with carries me through until I go to bed. I typically drank a cup of coffee each morning, but now I don't find myself needing it. I'm more mindful on if I really need it or am I just drinking it out of habit. I still love a good cup, reading the newspaper on the weekends! Waking up with this energy really helps my morning workouts too. I show up ready to go..instead of needing a good warmup to just finish waking up.


*Decreased snacking/craving for sweets-- I have always had a huge sweet tooth and I knew this would be my biggest challenge. For the first two weeks, I still was looking for that dark chocolate bar after each meal, but that slowly subsided. I now feel satisfied with my meal and am not looking for anything else. In regards to snacking, I no longer feel the need to reach for a handful of nuts, cheese and crackers, chips and salsa. I have learned (and continuing) to listen to my body and if I'm not hungry, I don't just reach for it, just because its there. Those are definitely foods without brakes for me, so I know to steer clear. It really does work to ask yourself, would you eat fish and veggies right now? No? Then you aren't hungry. I also evaluate how much water and if I can't recall filing my bottle recently, I will drink up!


Looking forward.


As I mentioned above, we plan to continue with eating this way unless an occasion arises. I need to re-read the section on reintroducing foods, but I really only see myself indulging in meals when I'm traveling or on a special occasion. Do I need to reintroduce all of the food groups if I don't plan to eat anything on a normal basis? In October I know I will visiting some breweries with friends one weekend and have a 10 day work trip in Las Vegas. Hotels serve such rich food, so I hope to stock my fridge with enough food to at least get me through breakfast and lunch and then make the best choices I can when out to dinner. I will be more mindful when I encounter a situation on whether I should indulge or not. I will no longer feel guilty for having something off the plan if I feel it's worth it.


I have really enjoyed the forum! I love being able to come here for questions, resources, support, and recipes. I will keep you posted!

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