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Day 27 - Finish line in sight!


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Of course, the finish line is just the start of reintro. So just like crossing the finish line of a 5k isn't the end of your experience - you need to eat, rehydrate, stretch, and rest - I know that Day 31 isn't a free-for-all. Still, it's nice to see a milestone in sight.


I'll be honest - it's been hard this week. I think I'm going through the extinction burst process with regards to comfort eating and sugar. I've had a hard week personally, with a thrown-out back, $900 worth of kitchen plumbing repairs, and a puppy who decided to start barking at everything that moves and who just won't stop biting. It's been rough, and all I wanted to do yesterday was go to Walgreen's and buy a bag of mellowcreme Halloween pumpkins, which are my favorite treat this time of year.


I didn't give in, but I don't really feel much better today. I'm not hungry, and am still grumpy. But - my energy levels are fantastic, I'm so focused, even without much food in me, and I'm getting almost daily compliments on how my skin looks. (Also, my pants are a little loose today!) So I'm glad I've stuck with it so far, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit how much I'm looking forward to getting through the reintro.


I do know that my going-forward eating habits will be much improved, but barring any unfortunate experiences in the reintro process, I'm looking forward to not having to deny myself so many things. Things like going out to dinner with friends (because I can't eat anything where they're going), or having a glass of wine after dinner, or eating a cupcake at a baby shower for a good friend.


And in the interest of being open: I plan to start my reintro at day 29 2/3, at said baby shower, with simply a glass of wine, and maybe a bite of the spinach dip I'm going to make.

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I got myself a copy of "It Starts With Food", which details the reintro process. The basics are this:


Day 31: eat dairy at each meal

Days 32-33: eat Whole 30

Day 34: eat legumes

Days 35-36: eat Whole 30

Day 37: eat non-gluten grains (rice, corn)

Days 38-39: eat Whole 30

Day 40: eat gluten grains

Days 41-42: eat Whole 30


Evaluate how each category affected you in the couple of days after you added it back in, and you can make decisions about how to eat going forward. 


So, for example, Sunday I'll probably have yogurt for breakfast, ice cream after lunch (celebrating my dad's bday), and cheese at dinner. Then Monday and Tuesday I'll eat like I have been for the last month, and hopefully won't notice any digestive issues, skin troubles, drops in energy, etc., so that I'll know how/if dairy messes with me in subtle ways.


There's also a Reintro forum with good questions and advice.

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