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Day 1 - Whole Primal Blueprint 31


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Hi y'all, I was aiming to do the Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge but knew the Whole 30 is more what I need so Ive decided to combine the 2 for the next 31 days using the Whole 30 nutrition requirements in the PB Challenge.



The custom PB requirements includes:


- 8hrs sleep / night

- 15min sun / day

- 3 x 45min walking / week

- 3 x Capoeira classes / week for functional fitness, social & play

- Sprint 1 / week

- 15min Nightly heart rate variability 

- Standup Paddling for fun on the weekends


Im also cutting out a few bad habits that weren't doing me any favours.


I just completed day 1 ticked some boxes on https://lift.do and feel really good that this is going to be just what I need to get on top of my health, wellness & life.


Ive been 80/20 Paleo for around 8mths but the 20% has recently been blowing out on the weekends making it more 50/50 so im sure the whole 30 side will whip me back into line.



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