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Day 2!!


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Good morning fellow whole 30ers!!!


So far so good on day two, I'm not going to lie, last night I really REALLY missed my evening cocktail(s). But after 17 glasses of water (haha jk) I was happier that I didn't cave in.


This is my 2nd attempt at the whole 30, last time I made it 22 days with no cheats, and when  I fell, I fell  hard with beer and fast food. I had never felt more disgusting in my life!!! This time I will ease off of it, with maybe a bit of cheese instead of going full bore!


I am having fun with the recipes, I played around all weekend with paleo recipes just to kind of get in the groove. I am going to have to keep it more simple for the week due to working full time and after work obligations. But I like eating liek this and I can't wait to rediscover those amazing feelings from the first round!



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