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meowmeow 2.0!


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Hi, all!


I've seen a few people doing Whole90s around the forum here and have planned to do my own!  I've done a couple Whole30s and a few Whole14s, but have never been able to stay on track outside of the program.


I feel that I need an upgrade, and I'm hoping that doing a Whole90 will get my blood sugar on the right track, and get my head in the right place.  Prepare for meowmeow 2.0!   ;)



My goals

~eat enough and not worry about losing weight

~write something in my log every day

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Hi - I saw your member name & photo and just had to read your post! And then I saw you were doing a Whole90. A few minutes ago I posted a comment on another member's thread because she is also doing a Whole90. If you don't mind, to save time I cut and pasted some of what I wrote because I think I should do a Whole 90 also...

"I started my first Whole 30 on October 1st. I've been trying to stay 80/20 paleo/primal (I do consume fermented dairy and heavy cream) for the last 7 months, but the sugar addiction (really only in the form of ice cream) has been slowly taking over. My paleo Meetup group did a book review on "It Starts with Food" at the end of September, so I got the book and decided to dive in and do a Whole 30. I waited till the first because it would be easier to keep track numerically - I like that kind of thing.

Anyhow, I am doing really well so far- surprisingly - and have been thinking about either doing this for 45 or maybe even 90 days because I have a LOT of weight to loose."

Where do you see others who are doing Whole90? Is it just by accident, like the way I found your thread? I tried searching, but I get too many unrelated posts...

Anyhow, best wishes!

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