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Whole30 - Take 3!


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I am just wrapping up my 3rd Whole 30 in the last 10 months - woohoo!  I started my first in January, 2nd in May and this one, September 16.  I want to share what went well for me, what could have gone better, and what I'll do differently next time. First let me explain that my 1st W30 came after a glutinous Holiday season and it sucked.  It was hard.  My friends were drinking, it was my daughter's 3rd birthday, I was hangry, struggling to make compliant food, had family coming in to visit (we are HUGE foodies!), etc. but I stuck with it and on day 30 I nailed pull-ups.  Sure this was contributed to hard work and dedication but also my newly found eating habits.  While I was elated to have pull-ups and successfully complete the W30, not to mention losing lbs and cutting body fat, I was equally excited to thaw and eat the homemade birthday cake from my daughter's birthday (yes, I froze a slice!) and partake in some much earned wine.  I would love to say this type of food didn't taste as good, but it did.  After my 1st W30 I ate mostly paleo and quickly found dairy was no friend of mine, so I occasionally indulge in pizza but other than that I steer clear of dairy.  As time passed, my diet stayed mostly the same but I found myself drinking more wine and decided it was time for W30 round 2.  This time the Mister did it with me, did I mention I also have a 3.5yr old daughter AND a 16 month old son??  The glory of a W30 teammate - yes! I finally had company and it was really wonderful to have support.  My husband lost nearly 20lbs!!!  I was very happy for him and also a bit jealous :) It was great to see his enthusiasm and his improved health.  We tagged team meals and shared in our successes and supported each other when we most needed it.  Skipping over some details, I started my 3rd W30 after working 65+ hrs / wk and not being able to make it to the gym.  CrossFit has been a HUGE part of my life for the past 3 years, even while being 7 months pregnant with my son.  Unfortunately my project deadline was prohibiting CrossFit and promoting quick unhealthy eats.  One day I was blow drying my hair and felt my love handles jiggle...what was that?!?  Did I just feel my body jiggle from blow drying my hair?  Was I aggressively drying my hair?  NO.  This was topped with my horrible entrance back to CrossFit, my first WOD back was a birthday WOD - 400M row, 43 box jumps, 43 wallballs *4.  I was the last to finish.  Dead. Last.  I even cheated myself 5 wallballs because I was embarrassed and the next class was waiting for me to finish. I thought a great deal about this WOD and was upset with how I had let myself get to this point, I reluctantly made the decision to start a W30 immediately.  This was one of the best reluctant decisions I made!  I. Am. So. Happy. With. Whole30!  Finally we get to what went well, what didn't and what I will do differently next time. 


The GOOD stuff

  • I ate a ton of veggies (my goal with W30 round 2 was MORE veggies!)
  • My kids ate more veggies - yay!!!
  • I logged my meals and felt proud of my choices
  • I eagerly tried 8 new recipes
  • I found W30 bacon and it is so incredibly delicious! 
  • I have a slew of W30 recipes in my back pocket
  • I continued my quest to ONLY take the stairs at work (since May I have taken the elevator 3x)
  • My CF workouts quickly gained steam, I even had a 5RM PR
  • I joined banked track Roller Derby
  • I slept better 
  • I was more patient with my family
  • I was happier
  • It was so much easier than the 1st or even the 2nd time
  • I lost some much needed body fat (the scale has not budged, and that is OK)
  • I nearly have a 6 pack
  • People comment on my arms and overall athletic appearance
  • I learned I LOVE soda water
  • I learned to pack food to social events and I'm not embarrassed
  • I do not have any cravings
  • I feel amazing! 
  • Other than champagne, I am not looking forward to ending this Whole30

The hurdles:

  • I need to steer clear of TJ's dried pineapple and mangos, this is like candy to me
  • Black coffee became a frequent afternoon "treat" (not sure this is a hurdle)
  • I missed socializing with my friends at restaurants / bars
  • I missed going out to meals

Lessons learned for W30, Rd4:

  • Socialize with friends over coffee or walks
  • It's okay to go out for meals, just be smart and prepared
  • Develop more kid friendly meals so we are ALL eating W30 foods
  • Develop more go-to quick meals vs. cooking for 2+hours each wkend. 
  • Incorporate more vegetables, less fruit
  • Back off the dried fruit, lady!


If you've made it this far, thanks for reading my story!  Good luck to you in your quest for healthy living!  Watch out W30 Rd 4, I'm coming to get you!!





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