Hake in tomato sauce


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Ok, here´s my contribution. It´s really, really, really basic, which is why I hope some may find it appealing.




Hake fillets

2x tins of plum peeled tomatoes

Half a leek



Black Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

Nutmeg powder

Ghee for cooking


Sautee a chopped onion in ghee, sprinkle on some cayenne pepper and when soft, add the garlic and chopped leek. While it´s cooking slice up the hake fillets into small squarish pieces. Add them to the pan and sautee them until fluffy.


Then add the tomatoes, black pepper, and a teaspoon of nutmeg powder, cover, then cook on low heat until the liquid of the tomato disappears. This is a very simple but amazingly tasty and nutritious dish!


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