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My 2nd Whole 30 - Starts Today 11/11


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Thank you to Dallas and Melissa for providing this awesome forum.


I'm a 35 (at least for 3 more weeks) male and a full time firefighter.


I did a whole 30 challenge a couple years ago and completed it but I was tired most of the time and I definitely didn't feel "better".


Before then I had been doing paleo about 70% with BIG cheats.


I'm going to give it another shot as of my cheats have become epic again and I'm definitely not feeling optimal.


I'm on a low dose of Dessicated Thyroid and Testosterone Cypionate to deal with hypothryoid and hypogonadism.


Hopefully this go around will be a different story than last as I suspect I was dealing with the hypothryoid and hypogonadism when I tried it last time.


In addition to my epic cheats I was deadlfting the other day and totally jacked my lower back.


I've had low back pain before but it never lasted long than a couple days - I know at least part of the problem is my eating.


I'm encouraged that I have a forum to go to for insight if needed.


Thank you for reading

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I tried this diet awhile ago and it was an epic fail. I made it to day four and I was dreaming about drinking glasses of milk and eating a loaf of bread. I'm a little more disciplined this time. I'm on day 3 and feeling good. I think the key is prepping and cooking ahead of time and choosing foods that taste good. Glad we are on the same journey.




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