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My name is Tonya. I am an elementary school guidance counselor with 2 teen/college age children. I have battled weight my entire life, but athletic. I have developed hypothyroidism in my late 30's and I have consistently gained 15-20 lbs. each year since being diagnosed.  It is very difficult for me to shed  weight, for example: I paid $500 for the popular HCG diet, typical average weight loss was 30 pounds. I lost 5 pounds eating no more that 500 calories per day. Other life factors, I'm peri-menapausal and with thyroid disease both I feel I am desperate. I am giving you some personal background hoping to find people with same issues, but have positive success. I hope the Whole 30 diet will be my SUCCESS! Here is to 2014! Anyone out there like me???????


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Hey Tonya,


30 days will be a good indicator if this way of eating can help with your thyroid disease and peri-menapausal symptoms...think of it as an experiment :D

I think others had success eating this way as well...

There's a lot of other articles out there of others who have had success...

I think its definitely worth a shot!


Best wishes!

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