First whole 30 starting Jan 1 !!!


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I'll be starting my first W30 wed. Jan 1 2014.  I've been eating W30 for the past 3 days to prep myself, and see if it will work for me.  I'm a homeschool mom of 2 little girls, a farmer, homesteader, housewife, and help run my husbands business as well...  So endless to say I'm busy, I didn't want a new food challenge to slow mw down, or make the hectic life we live any less hectic.  I am amazed how wonderfully I feel after only 3 days!!  Wow, why did I not do this sooner?  the little bit of extra time it takes to make my meals is so worth the result.  I have buckets more energy, with out the 4 cups of coffee I usually have.  I sleep like a rock and wake feeling ready to take on the day.  I feel very fortunate to be in the line of work I'm in, fresh whey fed, pasture raised pork and beef at my disposal for any meal, not to mention free range eggs, and chicken... I don't know how I'd afford to eat this way other wise...  

So here we go, 2014!  On the list for me, W30 and WOD every day!   :)


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