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Type 1 diabetes and whole30


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Hello one and all,


First off - happy new year! I today have started the whole 30. As it was New Year's Day, I didn't actually get out off bed until midday. 


Made a Broccoli and Coconut Milk soup for dinner with sweet potatoe cubes. 




anywho - is anyone else type 1 diabetic and doing this whole 30?


If so, how has your sugar levels reacted? 


My my reason for doing this whole 30 is to see if my insulin resistance gets better and to start having a healthier lifestyle. 


My my worry is for the first 2 weeks when having no sugar or sweeteners? What would be your advice for low sugar levels that isn't just plain old lucozade?


Thank you and happy new year again

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I have been type 1 for 23 years now. Last September, I completed my first W30 and I had excellent results. I went from readings averaging 200-300 to a range of 80-140. That's U.S., so you may have to convert to understand the numbers.


I fell off during November and December and as of today I have started a W100.


During the first couple weeks, be careful and test often. I found that I had more overnight hypos. This is when I used fruit. I found that fruit during the day sends me high, so I saved it for any hypo events. Of course, if all you have are your glucose tabs, medical needs always trump W30 rules. Treating your medical condition is not cheating. Just don't use it as a time to start eating everything in sight, as hypos can make us feel like doing. 


My results will probably vary from yours because I started in bad shape, very high a1c, 80-100 lbs. overweight, and just not in good shape emotionally. Your sensitivities may also be different than mine. I found that the higher carb plants such as sweet potato and squashes send me high now. It does not take too many additional carbs to get me through activity now, when I used to need tons.


Another caution to you is to get your insulin needs as low as possible. One of the jobs of insulin involves storage of fat cells. So, the more insulin you take, the more of a problem you may have with weight. Many still deny this, but at the biochemical level, that is what insulin does.


Type 1s are a minority, so I always welcome any dialogue for people trying this out while managing their diabetes.


Take care, and keep in touch often.

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Thank you :) I will definitely keep in touch. I survived day one. I am on the insulin pump, and just before bed I was around 66mg/dl - and I still had active insulin (i took 3.7u spread over an hour as am not 100% on how sweet potato affects me). I changed my basal rate for an hour from 1.15u/h to 0.1u/h ... an hour later I was 129mg./dl and woke up to a lovely 138mg/dl  :). so now I know I should at least take less insulin for that meal. 


so far so good.. all I had was the soup - got it again for lunch today, but forgot to make/bring something for breakfast. 


Any tips on breakfast foods? 

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I'm a type 1 diabetic and have just started my 3rd W30. I saw a big improvement in my blood sugar control after switching to a paleo diet a year ago.

If I do have low blood sugar, I use glucose tablets, they are not "compliant" however, as ArcheoGator mentioned,Medical needs trump W30 rules. I find it easier to get my blood sugar up to a normal level with the tablets since it is easier to calculate how many I'll need this means I'm less likely to "overshoot" and end up with high blood sugar. Also they taste disgusting so I'm unlikely to overindulge. I find that I need a morning snack as my long acting insulin seems to kick in mid rnorning. (I'm not on a pump)

Re: breakfast foods. I often will have leftovers and my easy breakfast is tuna, chicken or egg salad with whatever fruits and veggies I have on hand. I like to use apple, endive, pickles, avocado.

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Thanks guys  :)


So far today, my sugar levels have been under 9mmol (162mg/dl). Have eaten another bowl of that soup and will eat a banana as dessert (mainly to take away the garlic taste/smell) I think I put too much garlic in haha!


Hope you are both doing well

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I hope the pump works out for you. For me, it was a double edge sword. I found myself eating more, because I could simply push a button to get another bolus. Be careful with developing that habit. 


Also, we haven't seen a whole day of food for you yet, but I would add animal protein to your meal. The W30 template is one-two palms proteins with each meal, then fill your plate with veggies. Get protein that is as clean as your budget allows.


For breakfasts, like many, I simply have leftovers or make omelets with veggies. I do not get tired of eggs, but many do. Part of the W30 is to also focus on nutrition, rather than worry about what foods fit into which meals. 


Day one is down, keep it going.

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