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Jan. 2nd starts my 2nd Whole 30


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Happy NEW YEAR to all !!

2014 is going to be amazing!

I'm thrilled to start my 2nd whole 30 along w/ the start of a new year and all of it's hope &momentum !


My first whole 30 was last Oct. and finished right before T-giving, I had lost 8lbs, 2 per week, and felt great!

My acne cleared up by week 2, and stayed clear throughout the year w/ the exceptions of a few breakouts when I ate sugar/gluten around X-mas. I'm 43 and this has been a 10 year battle w/ my skin. Doctors said it was "hormonal" and nothing could be done, and I had tried every cream, herb, etc. I was unwilling to take birth control pills or a medicine that was originally a high blood pressure med. that they now use for lowering testosterone levels. I have low blood pressure and the Dr. said the medicine may make me a bit dizzy but should clear up my skin. Uh, no thanks! I am in Chinese Medicine and had tried every herb formulation I could come up with, some helped but nothing cleared it completely. One of my teachers said it was too much inflammation in my diet so I flirted w/ taking out sugar and gluten at different times, but did not stuck w/ it long enough to make a real difference! NOW, since completing the first W30 I am finally able to go make-up free and feel so liberated!


The best part about doing a Whole30 before all the holidays hit was that when I was off (T-giving thru yesterday) I remained 70-80% sugar free, gluten free, and about 50% dairy free...and had alcohol a total of 4x. So for me that was a huge awareness shift, instead of eat anything and everything and wondering why I feel sluggish, bloated and see breakout...I made conscious choices, and when I wanted something (Key lime pie!) I skipped the bread, fried foods, grains and other sweets at that meal and fully enjoyed my choice!

My first W30 was far from perfect, I was hungry a lot, I snacked on nuts and sometimes fruit, so that is an area I want to improve on. Also, I still ate my last meal too late a night...and I didn't drink enough water. Oh and I didn't exercise for the first 2 weeks. I also want to post my meals more, I started off good last time but got lazy...

So here I go! Hope a lot of you will be joining me! Good luck, come here for support it's a great place. I did the Daily e-mails last time and willbe reading them day by day again, there was so much information in them I'm sure I'll see things I missed last time!

Let's do this!!

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Day 2

yesterday's (day 1) meals:

I ate a huge b-fast: 2 eggs, bacon over sauteed sweet potatoe and kale, coffee w /coconut cream, a second coffee later in am

lunch more kale and sweet potato w/ pulled pork (left over from NY's day)

3 cups water throughout day, no snacks-yay!

and dinner I wasn't very hungry so I just had a small portion of ground beef over zuchini noodles (my new absolute favorite) and 2 cups of herbal tea afterwards

felt wired all day from the 2nd coffee, and dinner was later (8:30p) than I would like to eat, but I was at work until 7 - better meal planning.

(i did have a 1/2 teaspoon of sun butter after dinner, to cut a sugar craving I was having...)


well...today's a brand new day:)

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