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Started 1/2/13 (Today) - Walked Grocery like a Zombie


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Just started today... 


I'm worried about pre-crossfit and post-crossfit energy...


Just found out my pre-workout drink had a bunch of caffeine and sugar...

Just found out I don't like coffee without sweetener...

Couldn't find an energy bar without sugar...

Visited my parents this morning, they were eating donuts...


OK - 5 hours in and holding fine!


Excited to see what the other side will feel like, I will keep a daily journal of journey!


Blessings to all - Pierre


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It really does get easier - the first few days are hard depending on how you have been eating.  Hang in there - your body will adjust and so will your thinking - it just takes a few days even up to a week - but once all the yucks get out of your body - it will be much easier.

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Larabars are compliant!

Also, make your coffee weaker than usual and use a mild coffee to make it drinkable! I never thought I'd drink coffee black, but now apparently I do :) (day 3 here!)

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