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Starting Over.....


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I did my first Whole30 a year ago. It was so foreign to me that I was paranoid about eating something that was non-compliant. So I successfully made it the 30 days and felt really good about my accomplishment and my health in general. Have pretty much stuck to the plan with a little off roading here and there until November when I took a major detour. I started a new W30 Jan 1 and was a lot more confident about what I can and cannot eat. So far so good until tonight.... My husband brought home a rotisserie chicken and I thought great! Chicken with my salad and veggies. After I ate I realized that I hadn't checked the label on the package and alas.. It had carrageenan, canola oil, sugar and brown sugar. WOW!!!! Learned my lesson there. Will be much more careful. And start day one again tomorrow :(

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