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Jan 5th All In! (Moderation out)


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JANUARY 5. Today's the day to start my W90. I hadn't decided if I was starting today or tomorrow, but I woke up and looked at the clock and it said January 5 and I like odd numbers.  Then I poured my coffee and it tasted good black for some reason.  Another sign.  Recently I've been coming to terms (not so easily) with the fact that I really am an "all or nothing" person.  I think I've spent the last few weeks or months disliking that about myself, and fighting it, yet all the while living it out.  Moderation has not worked for me since I started my first W30 in July '13.  I don't think it ever worked but I'm only now realizing it.


Last night, I prepped Nom Nom Paleo's Slow Cooker Kalua Pig and went to bed.  This morning, I'm kicking out my inner "hater" and I'm embracing my "all or nothing"ness and I'm going ALL in. 


I know there are others of you out there who have really struggled with the moderation thing.  This could be a place to discuss it honestly, along with supporting each other, posting food logs, etc.


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I hear ya!


I accomplished the whole 30 in November and kept it pretty tight all through December, was feeling so awesome on it really!

Than I ate a piece of chocolate after the holidays and its been a no holds bar for me since. 

But I'm bringing it back on track starting today! and would love to have some accountability with others and connection.


It sort of sucks knowing that your that type of person, but my brain just needs totally elimination for there to be no cravings.


my biggest challenge is coming home and being primal. I work away from home and I always am able to flip the switch so easily.

I go to remote locations and I just don't have the luxury of the city, so it's easy to pack my lunch with whole30 and eat simply.

But I find that's not really real living because as soon I come home, I run around to my favorite places and find myself indulging on things I know I shouldn't !


gak* so frustrating and then I get mad at myself and feel like I have to go back to work to get back on track. (which is kind of terrible bc I should be enjoying my time off!)


Anyways trying to break that cycle. right now! and would love some support and to be supportive !!



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Awesome, sounds super familiar--the roller coaster,  that is.  Thanks Robotarmy for that interesting blog/read.  I will check it out!  So far so good today.  I'm going to try posting my food log at the end of the day for a few days anyway, just because I haven't done that before and I'm all about doing things differently.


pre w/o:  hard boiled egg, black coffee

meal 1:  2 eggs w/ chicken apple sausage, kale and onion, stir fried in coconut oil. black coffee.

meal 2:  salad of lettuce and spinach with cherry tomatoes and sliced beef tenderloin.  olive oil and lemon drizzle.


mini meal: was hungry in the afternoon so I had a snack of the pulled pork I had been slow cooking all night/day.  Also had a cup of black coffee (my usual afternoon cup)


meal 3: pulled pork (Nom nom paleo's Slow Cooker Kalua Pig recipe), homemade paleo BBQ sauce from ISWF book, a pickle spear, half an avocado, slow-roasted tomatoes (also Nom Nom).


I have a slight headache but otherwise feel glad to have started today.  I'm going to go to sleep early.  You may notice I've got a major coffee addiction.  I'm not ready to tackle that one yet.  It's huge for me to drink it black, and actually without the dairy and sugar in it, I drink significantly less.  In my previous W30's I was down to 1-2 cups per day, but it's the weekend, and I'm probably clinging to caffeine because it's my only vice.


The other thing I did today was took a cold shower!  This is from the blog robotarmy suggested.  I thought it was such a great concept--you do something for 5 minutes that is incredibly uncomfortable and difficult, just for the sake of doing it, even though you don't want to.  I don't know if I'll do this for 5 minutes for 30 days as he suggests, but it was an interesting experiment for today. 

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I also checked out the cold shower site!

impressive you got to it.

I work outside and lately it's been -35 soooooo I just can't do it right now... I freeze for a good part of my day. but I guess that's not a willing choice really. except that I'm willing to do the job....

anyways good for you ! I agree with the concept totally.


ok I'm going to account for my food also!!

I'm pretty simple on the meals. mainly bc I tend to not make tasty elaborate meals so some reason. they always fail a bit.

the only thing I do quite regularly is cook big pieces of meat, so that I have a nice roast in the fridge to add to breakfast or lunch you name it.


ok what I ate today


breakfast - coffee black (took me forever to get there also, but now I drink an Americano in an 8ounce and black just tastes better - although I think my coffee shop is pretty amazing so I will credit them for that)


ground beef with some kale in it and an onion and two scrambled eggs.


lunch - salad with small avocado, balsamic sugar free dressing, steamed broccoli   and some carrots!


that's it for now. I'm aiming for stir fry broccoli and steaks plus salad tonight it's on the menu at least.


I hear you on the coffee addiction I really have to hold off on the afternoon coffee personally I always want it but it never feels good and I always end up dumping half of it.

my problem is I love Americanos and I just have to get that made for me, which is actually quite expensive if you do that every day which I do and I also can't really get my morning going until I get a cup of it. ...

trying to fight it and have my coffee at home !

it's a work in progress

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