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First Whole30 Starts tomorrow...


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Hi, my name is Jess. I have been thinking about trying the Whole30 challenge for a little bit now. My mother and sister eat (or attempt to eat) fairly paleo/primal and have been influencing my food choices as of late. I graduated college 2 years ago and have been living on my own with a boyfriend and a male room-mate that have been extremely influential in what I have been eating. Unfortunately they haven't had the most positive effect.


This is me trying to take control of my weight and my unhealthy food habits. I would not consider myself a "big" girl but I have gained about 30lbs since leaving college and I would like to get back to my ideal weight.  To be honest it really isn't about the number so much as it is about me feeling lighter, more energized and less restricted. 


I have tried switching to paleo/grain free for a few weeks at a time and have found some amazing resources and great recipes that I enjoyed immensely. The main problem I had with sticking to it though is time.  I work 2 jobs and am constantly running around. To top it off I have to do this on a budget with limited kitchen space and supplies. 


I joined the forum in hopes of keeping my spirits up and using this support group to keep me on my path towards a better healthier me. I also blog with my recipes so if anyone has any good, cheap and easy recipes please let me know so I can get this headed in the right direction this time.


Good luck everyone and thanks!

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