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Yesterday Sucked #KATT but I'm glad to have one week down


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I've been putting off writing today's log because yesterday was horrible.  Work was really stressful and I never had time to sit down and eat lunch.  I was trying to eat my chicken salad while teaching in the computer lab and it tasted disgusting.  I ate about a third of it before giving up.  The whole rest of the afternoon, I was feeling anxious, picking my skin, and having a bad attitude about this new way of eating.  I was craving one of my usual afternoon treats like a greek yogurt.  Or better yet, a piece of chocolate.  When I was driving home, I almost stopped at the store to pick up the ingredients for my family's ambrosia recipe (oranges, canned pineapple chunks, coconut, and banana).  I could totally make that recipe Whole30 friendly, but I recognized it as a sugar craving and resisted.  Once I got home and ate dinner with my family I was feeling so much better.  Even though the tilapia was left over from the day before it was still delicious.  The strange thing was, I wasn't that hungry considering that I barely ate lunch. 

Since I had a bit of a down day, I want to take the time to list some of the reasons I love this diet:

·         I love having my meals planned ahead of time.  I can't tell you how many times Nick and I used to eat out because we were too exhausted to figure out what to eat for dinner.  It's so relaxing to come home and know what's for dinner.  Meat is already thawed out and main components have already been prepped.

·         I love not feeling guilty about the food choices I make.  Eating used to be a constant cycle of giving in to cravings and guilt.  On this plan, as long as I eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full, I know I'm making a good choice.  Along the same point, I love not counting calories or points. 

·         I love having clear guidelines about what I'm eating and what I'm not eating.  The neighbors brought over a lovely loaf of banana bread and I was able to easily make the decision to not eat it. 


Breakfast: Salmon frittata, tomato, and avocado

Lunch: chicken salad over fresh greens

Dinner: California-style tilapia with sun-dried tomatoes and green beans 

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