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Day 16 :)


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Well I've made it to the halfway point and doing well I think. No weighing or measuring and stopped counting calories once I realized I shouldn't be doing that either.

I'm feeling good at the moment. I haven't got the tiger blood feeling yet but I am feeling clearer in the morning, no more multiple snoozing and then a frenzied run around to get to work. My skin is getting clearer and in general I feel happier about things.

I'm certain now that I am going to be doing this longer than the thirty days but I need to have something to count down to (that's just the way my brain works) so I'm going to keep on counting at the moment and then see how far I can go.

Like most people I am in it to lose some weight which I don't believe has happened yet but I know that this can take time. This is usually where I give up on things because I haven't seen results but I am committed to sticking it out because this makes more sense to me than anything else I've ever done.

I wish that when I was younger I had known all these things about nutrition because I was as clueless as they come. I always thought that girls who were skinnier than me were just luckier and that I couldn't change anything. Now I wish I had done something earlier but I can't rewrite history I can only alter my future which is looking happier now.

According to the timeline I should be having the food dreams. It hasn't really been happening for me. Though my dreams lately are really vivid and last night I dreamt about a cousin that I haven't spoken to in 14 years since we were in high school together and the whole time she was cooking pancakes so maybe that's where it has come in haha. But I didn't want to eat them! Even dream Kathy said no thanks I'm doing a whole30 haha.

Let's hope it stays that way :)

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