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Day 3--Finally got my shop on, salmon makes me farty.


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So I finally got to go grocery shopping today, and it's an hour each way to get there, plus I had other chores to do.  Took my son to the little cafe attached to the grocery where he gets one small scoop of mac and cheese (don't give me that look) and I stared into the deli case for 8 minutes that felt like a month of rainy Mondays realizing over and over again there was nothing in there I could eat.  Made due with a single serve packet of dry roasted sea salted almonds and a LOT of water.  Dinner was ground moose with green beans in a thai coconut chili sauce.  Hubby didn't like it, but he's got a world of starch and cheese to eat so I have zero guilt about that.


Mood was totally stable today, mental focus was alarmingly sharp, and I'm down to the last notch on my belt, which hasn't happened since November.   :D  :D  :D


Anybody else become frustrated with the quality of the meat available to them?  Seems like I couldn't find a satisfactory chicken anywhere.  I was lax with that last time I tried to be Paleo, and though I see how cruel factory meat is, it's so ACCESSIBLE.  I'm just getting a tiny bit flustered, bc though I have nearly unlimited salmon (here comes TMI) it makes me excessively gassy.  Horribly so.  Drop what you're doing and run the heck outside kinda gassy.  Will that go away if I continue torturing the household and just stick it out?

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