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Candida Sucess Stories?


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Has any one who has dealt with yeast infections and as well as digestive upsets and weight gain had success with w30?? I'm only on day two but I've tried So many different protocols to help with my bloating that don't work that I find myself getting negative about the whole process every time I start something new. I've been let down so many times. I'm not hugely overweight but I have gained weight over the last few years despite eating very well (albeit it was vegan the entire time until recently so that could be why) but I've tried so many things and none of them seem to work. It would be great to hear from someone who has done this and seen results. I'm feeling overwhelmed.. I have IBS so do I do fodmaps? But I also have PCOS tendencies (according to my ND) so do I do AI? But I also have weight gain so do I do low sugar? Or just start on the specific carbohydrate diet? Ahh as you can see I'm confused about this. I just want the time and effort I put in to be worth it. Any words of encouragement or success stories to share? Help!

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Hi Marcia,


I feel your pain. I have so many health issues I sometimes don't know where to start and there is so much conflicting advice out there. I've been 'kinda' low carb for over a year (many, many transgressions) which has helped me to lose some weight, but I wasn't compliant enough for it to affect me health the way I wanted it to.


When I decided to take the plunge and do the whole 30 I committed to not second guessing myself. I am taking it as it comes (on day 14 today) and when I get to the end I'll have a look at what's still bothering me and then decide on my next move.


So far I am feeling a lot better. I can tell that fat is coming off, I'm better rested and have more energy, albeit sporadically. Amongst my catalogue of woes I suffer from oral candidiasis. As of this morning I have started seeing lovely, clear patches on my tongue, which hasn't seen the light of day for years. Perhaps you'll get a similar result with your itchy nether regions  ;)


As for the IBS, PCOS and weight issues the interwebs are full of success stories for the paleo/ primal/ low carb approaches. I certainly find that my mild IBS is much quieter when I'm grain free and low carb. As for the specific carbohydrate diet, I find it a little too easy to overdo it on the carb front. I have severe insulin resistance and it doesn't take much to stall my weight loss. However I do know of people who swear by it, so I guess it depends on your body.


Sorry for rambling. I would say, 100%, that it's worth giving the Whole 30 a good go. While you are doing it, don't worry about all the other plans out there. By all means research your nutrition and make a plan for going forward, just don't sweat about whether you're doing the best thing. You're certainly doing something that's good for you. By the end, your mind might be clear and calm enough to see your way forward.


Good luck, see you on the other side  :ph34r:

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How are you doing, Marcia?


I'm on day 20 today and I'm definitely seeing improvements. My poor furry tongue is two thirds clear and even the coating that's left has thinned out to next to nothing!


Nowhere near the fabled Tiger Blood, in fact I'm still in the land of intermittent adrenal fatigue, but I think that it is getting better in between attacks.


I hope you're feeling some of the benefits by now. By the way, my period came early and that seems to be pretty common, I think it settles back down though so don't panic if you see some cycle changes  :D

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Hi! I am doing well. Some things are better: my sleep and sore knees have really improved. However, I'm still having the odd headache and my skin is definitely detoxing haha. That's amazing that your tongue has mostly lost the coating. It's so good when you see tangible results. Gives you hope that what you're doing is working, and that you need to give everything else time. I agree with you on the energy thing...I'm just not there yet but I also know that it's only been 11 days and so much can change. My cycle has been good, actually better than last month so that's either an improvement or a fluke. With my body I never know! Keep me posted on your progress, I'd really like to see where you're at on day 30!

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