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17 Feb 2014- The First Day of the Rest of My Life


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The Whole30 plan was actually a "no-brainer" for me.  I have issues with dairy and gluten (self-diagnosed) and I suffer from Migraines (Doctor diagnosed).  I have done the research, the reading and obsessive forum perusing.  I probably could have started sooner, but I need the time to clean out the cupboards and restock them with healthy, nutritious food. 


I do see some challenges ahead, but after reading some of the posts on the forum I know I am not alone.  I am a coffee drinker, and I have a hard time living without my beloved cinnamon creamer.  However, once I actually read what is in that stuff it was easy to convince myself I did not need it.  My son may be another challenge.  He is four (going on 30) and is a very picky eater.  I am talking super picky; he knows if there is anything different in his fave foods.  I tried putting squash in his macaroni and cheese and he knew before I even put it on the table.  I am hoping that by seeing Mom eat the good stuff, he will jump on the band wagon (or not, but one can hope).


I am looking forward to this lifestyle change and the healthy future it will bring. 

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