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Finally my partner is joining me!!


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After about a year of gentle nudging, my partner (soon to be my wife, after 22 years!) has decided to do the Whole 30 with me. I'm so proud of her! I promised I would keep her well-fed during the month, then on day 2 (Feb. 2) came down with a head cold. So I've been a little lax at doing meal planning and weekend prep. (Thank goodness for hard-boiled eggs.) She really misses her morning cereal. Any suggestions? We have plenty of fruit in the house so she is having half a banana with her morning coffee instead of the no-cereal bars I created that she loves (they have coconut crystals in them). I'd like to make her something special for breakfast next weekend but all I can think of is the usual frittata with bacon (we ordered the sugar-free bacon from US Wellness Meats). Anybody have a recipe for a breakfast casserole or "muffins" maybe with apples?

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