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First Whole30 start 02/07/14


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Its my first time.


I've taken steps towards this for a year now without even knowing it. Just by my choices to eat better and learn about healthier foods. By cutting out pre-packaged processed foods and buying more organic foods.

I came upon whole30 on Sunday and the first thing I did was read the rules then I read them again. Really no drinking? Alright I can do that. Really no smoking? hmmm, smoking's really bad for me, makes me cough and all. Ok it will be hard but I've quit before, I can quit again.Friday is my quit day.

I contemplated whether this was something I would want to do and took a few days to think it over and have decided to say "yes" I will do this. For me.

I've started making preparations by clearing out my cupboards and gathering as much info as I can so when I'm out shopping and reading labels I will know what to avoid and what I can buy that will do me right.

I've already been enjoying cooking and eating healthier. Just a few more things to go before Friday but so much more to added in the next 30 and beyond...

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Congratulations on making the decision, and good luck! I am on day 5 of my first Whole30 and all going good, but I don't have the double whammy of giving up smoking at the same time. Maybe you should search the forums for other threads about giving up smoking while doing the Whole30... could be some good advice out there.



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