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Days 25 and 26, traveling for work, 100% compliant

pickles 37_10

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Now on Day 27-just wanted to put it out there that it is possible to do this program, even in challenging circumstances.


I was a little overwhelmed with the planning required, I brought all of my own food along. Got a hotel with a fridge and a microwave and did very well with heating up food from home. The biggest challenge was lunch-I was at a conference with lunch provided and instead ate a cold lunch out in my vehicle. I felt a little antisocial, certainly I could have brought my food inside and eaten with others, but honestly the time away from others was actually something I appreciated!


I loved that people around me (who had breakfasted on pastries) were talking about how starving they were 1/2 hour before lunch and I was still feeling fine. Seriously, the greatest thing about Whole30 for me has been the lack of ravenous hanger and mood swings that used to be a huge part of my daily life. My mood is so good and energy is through the roof because I am no longer a slave to my blood sugar. I never knew that it was holding me hostage all this time.


Looking forward to having some pizza in a few days, but then planning to get right back to this way of eating. Thank you so much Dallas and Melissa!!!!!

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