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First Whole30 Starting Feb 15th!


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Hello!  My name is Jamie and I am starting my first Whole30 on Saturday, the 15th!  I've been doing a lot of reading and preparing the past few weeks and I'm really excited to get started and dive in.  It's been tempting these past few days to quick indulge in the things that I'd normally rely on as comfort food (pizza, fast food, etc), but I know that I'll be thanking myself for resisting once I've dove in.


Like I said, I'm really excited to begin this journey.  I'm using these next few days to empty my cupboards and fill them with healthy options.  As someone who loves to cook, I really can't wait to start exploring the plethora of recipes that I've bookmarked.  I have been overweight more or less my entire life and given that my family has a history of diabetes, this is something that has always scared me.  I've also been dealing with some other assorted health issues, like seasonal allergies, and I have hopes that making this lifestyle change will help them as well.  I'm ready and downright jazzed to get my health on track and mend my relationship with food.


I know that I have a lot to learn, so I would love any and all advice from people who are currently in their Whole30 or have successfully finished!  I apologize ahead of time for the many, many questions that I will likely have.   :)  I'd also love to hear from anyone else doing their first that needs some support (or wants to offer some in return!).



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