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New Here! First Whole30 - 2/10/14


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My husband and I started Whole30 this past Monday.  I'm creeping around the forums and learning more, but I am loving the idea of a nutrition reset.  I eat very healthy in general - love to cook, and love to try new recipes, but I am totally a slave to cravings!  Last year I trained for and ran the Chicago Marathon - and gained weight!  Cause when you run 12 miles, what is the harm in a milkshake or a half bottle of wine?  I depend too much on my high activity level.  Especially over the holidays...I just really let go.


So far so good - but it's ONLY day 3.  Going out for a work dinner tonight - the first REAL test.  But it's a seafood restaurant and raw bar - so - EASY.  Right?

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