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August 1 Start - Some concerns


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Hi All:

I'm Jen and I begin my program on August 1. On August 3 I travel by plane for a visit with my parents. I am not so much worried about the actual time with my parents as I plan to take over cooking while I am there, but I am worried about the travel to and from. I worry about my travel days, being stuck at the airport. I have beef jerkey, nut mix, celery with almond butter (can I have raisins?) and of course water. I would love some additional suggestions.

My other concern is my post workout. I workout alot. In the mornings, 6 days a week, I work out 90-120 minutes hard, boot camp, cardio, strength, running, or biking, usually a combination of them. In the evenings, it's swimming, hot yoga, biking, step, but not with the intensity I use in the mornings. The progam says no to whey smoothies. I am used to having a spinach, berry, banana, (total fruit is about 1 cup) almond milk, and whey smoothie in the mornings. I do this because of easy preparation - time is short between my workout and work, AND it keeps me sustained until 11:30 AM Lunch. I have no intention of altering my workout schedule during the whole30. I of course would love permission to keep in the smoothies, but I have a feeling there will be other suggestions. So if you have suggestions, please share!

I am choosing to participate in the whole30 because I want the accountabliity, and I know I will feel better without all he processed food. I also have osteo arthritis in my knees and I am hoping to see an improvement with those. Weight loss would also be great.

I look forward to everyone's suggestions and seeing their success!


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Sorry - I have no suggestions as far as the smoothie goes. I workout hard daily and am used to having a whey protein smoothie as a meal replacement before or after the gym. I have seen one or two recommendations to blend sweet potato and raw egg whites but that seems hard for me to stomach :)

As far as traveling-by-plane-food, are you just taking snacks or will you be traveling all day and need a full meal? Not that it is all that similar but I made a 4.5 hour drive yesterday (not ideally, the first day of my Whole30) and I ate almonds and cherries as a snack and had a full meal of spinach, roasted chicken, grape tomatoes and avo during the drive. You could do carrot sticks? Take a little homemade quac and eat virtually anything with it - broccoli florets, sweet peppers, green beans. Just depends on how much prep you're willing to do, I guess. Apple slices with almond butter

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