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Post Whole30- Cycle Even Out?


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Good Evening! Day 27 here!


Today I hit a wall... Well not literally but it feels like it.. Had a visitor AGAIN today.. Last visit was on Day 18 for two days...


Some background. I have 1 ovary (ovarian torsion look righty in 2010.. Who knew hanging out with a twisted Fallopian Tube for over 12 hours could be so painful) and I also have Mirena. I am used to some spotting once a month but not visiting with cramps and total energy drain. I have been cramping more with these visitors on Whole30 than I have been in years. I did not even have the energy to go to a 45 min yoga class tonight and am currently laying on the couch for a bit before calling it an early night.


I am eating per the template and make such I do each starchy veggies daily. So I know that I am good there. I have grown to love sweet potatoes and butternut squash.


I know that during Whole30 it is normal for things to be a bit off as my body is adjusting to things. But, I was not sure how long it took post Whole30 for most folks to get to normal. Whether it was an old or new normal. But not 11 days apart normal?


Note: I ate "clean" before with 1-2 small servings of dairy a day, 1 serving of grains, but loved quinoa and peanut butter. I am unsure as to what I want to reintro besides peanut butter, steel cut oats, honey, and wine.. LOL.. Missing my weekly glass of wine :) 


I was enjoying Tigers Blood and had been feeling great up until today... UGH..

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