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My first whole30 completed!!


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Dates 28th January - 28th February


I first began the whole 30 after hearing about it from an online friend of mine who changed her life by doing the program.  I straight away jumped online and purchased 'It starts with food' and as soon as I began reading I knew this was going to be the start of something great!


After reading the first few sections I decided that now was a better time than ever and I told my parents (who I currently live with) what I was going to do and why and to ask for their full support!  They were understanding and supported me 100% the entire time.  Although I cook alot, my mum came up with some amazing whole30 compliant meals for me and I couldn't have been more grateful!


What went well!

- I stuck to the plan 100%

- I didn't take my bad moods out on anyone else

- I went from compliant snacking at the start of the program to just 3 meals a day (or some days with pre/post workout meals)

- I now do not touch any pre-trainers or protein powders (I used to rely on these a lot for gym)

- I lost 2.4kgs

- I started to notice my abs showing

- My skin is glowing and I cant remember when I last had a breakout

- My hair and nails are long and strong

- My relationship with food is changing for the better 

- I successfully ate out at restaurants while staying compliant

- I became more confident within myself because my body was feeling so great


What could have been done better

- More variety in my meals

- I could have tried more new recipes

- Less fruit (although I always had my fruit during the day, never at night)

- I didn't do the re-introduction schedule which is something I am now working toward


What now?

After an indulgent weekend post whole30 (bit too much booze and sugar while out partying) I am now back onto eating paleo foods and started a new log "my post whole 30 log".  I am figuring out what I do want to try eating again and when I want to allow myself to 'stray' when it comes to big celebrations (i.e. bdays/weddings etc)  

- I am going to re-read ISWF and I think I will definitely do another whole 30 soon!  

- I am going to try to change up my gym routine a bit more to get some more results and next week I am starting some hot stretch classes to improve my flexibility.  I am also going to try out stand up paddle boarding and make a conscious effort to do more active/healthy activities on weekends rather than partying at night with alcohol.


I want to be the best version of myself and the whole30 is surely helping me achieve that every day  :)


Read my post whole 30 log here:  http://forum.whole9l...t-whole-30-log/

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Thought I'd also attach a photo to show the slight changes I saw over the 30 days.  It's nice for my stomach to not be as bloated.  My legs are toning up and getting slimmer.  Post whole 30 I'm working hard to tone my glutes more and working at gaining muscle mass and losing more fat.


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