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Springbound's post whole 30!


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Good morning everyone!


I figured I'd start a log over here now that I finally am past 30 days consecutive.  (YAY!)


It's day 31.  I'm not entirely sure I should be going off program right now because I still have a sugar dragon, but I have been doing this since the beginning of February and I need a break.  I fully intend to do another whole 30 sometime this year--probably in August/September when our vegetable garden is giving us lots of produce. 


Honestly, I woke up feeling like crap today.  Very tired, achey all over. I went to bed early and didn't pack a breakfast or lunch, so today is already feeling a bit haphazard.  I'm reintroducing dairy first because I miss cheese.


Today's plan so far:


M1:  pork chop, a 2% greek yogurt, about half a cup of pineapple.  I ate the pork chop first and now I'm eating the yogurt and it's not going down well and I sort of feel even worse than I did before. 


M2:  Salad from the cafeteria with chicken and parmesan and oil and vinegar.


M3:  Merguez sausages, sweet potato chips (hopefully), asparagus? 

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Ah, as usual, plans changed.  We went to Trader Joe's quickly last night and made a stop at the nearby Chipotle. 


Things are okay today.  Like I said, the yogurt didn't agree with me at all, but I had cheese with lunch and on my salad with carnitas, and it was okay.  I also had some chocolate. *hides head*  Mostly on plan today (had leftover salad from lunch yesterday for breakfast) and I will reintroduce gluten on Friday.


Today's intentions:


M1:  Leftover salad from the cafeteria with chicken and a smattering of parmesan and lots of veggies in oil and vinegar.


M2:  Compliant hotdogs with sweet potato home fries and mustard.


M3:  Before bowling:  sausage or hot dog as a quick snack because going 9 hours without food doesn't end well for me.  After bowling:  merguez sausages with frozen veggies on the side.

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Eh. I am off the reservation. I am trying to just move on, not beat myself up and get back to eating well. I am having a hard time with it.

I woke up feeling like crap, called off work and slept until noon. Once I was up, I have been eating everything I shouldn't (the small amount of chocolate in the house, the ramen I should have given away). Now I feel even worse, physically and emotionally.

I am a work in progress. *sighs*

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Well, ended up off-roading through the weekend but I have learned some valuable information.  Really creamy dairy stuff = badness.  It's a good thing for me to stay away from bready things in general, but I can make exceptions when it's worth it. Pasta is generally not worth it.  Greasy stuff makes me feel ill.  Beans are okay in moderation.  Cheeses are okay in moderation.  Chips are still freaking good.  Chocolate is the stuff of gods but I have a hard time with moderation and it usually leads to a spiral of doom.


So we're back on plan this week, mostly.  I can do a little bit of milk in my coffee in the morning without incident, so I am.  We have some wonderful pork for dinner and I will be making some carrots and sweet potato hashbrowns for dinner. 


I listened to the interview Melissa did with Andrew Zimmern on the Go Fork Yourself podcast.  It was really good reinforcement for get

back on the ball.

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And here I am.  Way off road and off wagon.  The post that was linked on the Whole 30 fb page was especially timely.  I'm trying to reign things in and try to take it one choice at a time.   I'm trying a new paleo recipe to me tonight and will be making veggies to go along with it.

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