April 1st Whole30


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Hello! I'm new to Whole30 and the W30 Community. I found out about the program while reading up on the Paleo / Primal eating lifestyle. I'm currently reading The Modern Paleo Book 2: An Athletic Approach to the Paleo Diet by Simone Donovan. I honestly don't really like a lot of cardio. I prefer lifting weights and doing Yoga. Which is why I picked this book. Because it concentrates on how to better incorporate Paleo eating while maintaining an active lifestyle. But if there are other books out there I'm willing to check them out too. 


While gaining more knowledge about Paleo / Primal programs I stumbled across Whole30.  And I'm very intrigued. And figured it'd be an excellent start before diving into Paleo / Primal.  I'm a die hard sugar addict and full fat dairy junkie. Therefore, this would be such a great challenge for me to complete. I don't feel that I could do it on my own though. I need some accountability. And looking for others who also need the encouragement and support. 


There are 30 days in April. Is anyone else interested in starting April 1st? Would also be great if there was someone who's done the program before and is kind enough to join our group. I'm certainly open to any and all suggestions. Or if there's already a group opened for April that I could participate in please let me know. 


Thank you all for reading my post!  :)



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Hi LatinaCurves! I have done this before, though I haven't always succeeded. My first strict paleo challenge/Whole 30 was a few years ago and I lost a ton of weight that first month. I have slipped up since then, and also now have Lyme Disease which has helped skyrocket my weight by ~20 lbs. I have a vacation coming up starting May 14th, and just want the inflammatory symptoms of Lyme Disease to go away, so I'll start this program again on April 1st as well. Wanna do it together? I seem to falter when no one is watching, but really excel when I have a partner in crime!



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