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Starting on March 23!


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Hi all! After thinking for several weeks about clean eating, I discovered this magical Whole30 program! Ever since I started college (and birth control) five and a half years ago, I went from a thin 110lbs to (honestly I don't want to say) extremely overweight. I think I'm in the obese range according to my BMI (I'm short). But honestly, I'm not doing the Whole30 for weight loss, although that would be a great bonus. Really, I just want to be able to be healthy and active. I want my body to be able to do anything I ask of it, without feeling tired or weak! Even when I try to "eat healthy," I still struggle with workouts and the numbers on the scale just go up (and it's NOT muscle, trust me!). So hearing about this reset program really makes a lot of sense. I've never considered before that I might have intolerance to certain foods, so this will be a great way for me to finally figure out what works for me and my body. (I'm really going to miss cheese, though! That's going to be the first thing I reintroduce!) I'm also ready to get control of my relationship with food--I definitely eat when I'm bored, and when I eat junk I binge. Even if something is healthy, if it tastes good enough I will overeat to the point of being stuffed and sick, even though I know it's awful. I have been getting better about that, but I still can do much better. 


I'm fortunate that my husband is on board with this. He's been overweight since he was a kid, and has several health problems including joint and back pain, food sensitivity in the form of flatulence, and being tired throughout the day, despite plenty of sleep. I think it will be great for both of us to have this mutual support. We're both ready to finally get the active, healthy lifestyle we want!

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