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April 1st - Go away cold!

Gramma C

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I have been planning this start date for over a month.  Now I am sick with a cold.  I hope it's gone by April 1st!  I am working on my "off-limits" cupboard since I'm the only one doing this.  Plus, I have a few things that I take regularly that aren't approved.


Raw, Local honey - I eat some every single day due to seasonal allergies.  I used to take a med-pak (prednisone) and then discovered that local honey was a way better option.  This is going to be hard as April is when my allergies usually start to kick in.


Calcium supplement - My doctor told me to take this and it has sugar in it.


Mega Multivitamin for women - I don't know what any of the stuff is on the "other ingredients" list so I will need to look it up.  Same with the MegaRed I take and the Glucosamine I take for my knees.  Not being able to take the Glucosamine may be a deal-breaker on the Whole30 for me. 


My disadvantages are:


I don't like very many vegetables.

I am addicted to nuts and dark chocolate chips.

If there are potato chips out in the open I will eat them.

Everyone thinks I'm crazy and will starve to death.

I don't like to cook.



I don't like mayonnaise or creamy salad dressings.

I don't care much for pasta.

I haven't had much bread since January and don't miss it.

I don't like soda pop and rarely have anything other than water to drink.

I usually follow through with something if people don't believe I can do it.


I'll be planning my first week of meals over the next couple days so hopefully I can be prepared!


Also, I just read a book about forming new habits and breaking old ones.  After reading the book I'm almost convinced that I will fail the Whole30 this first time (except for the fact that I can't stand it when people don't believe I can follow through with something, as I said above).  It is such a drastic change in eating habits and that is what this book really hammers on.  When you make drastic changes they won't stick but if you make one small change until it becomes a habit then it will stick and you can move on to the next.  It was really very interesting.  However, some people are "all or nothing"!


I will be visiting this site ALOT for support and motivation!!


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