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Nancy's First W30 log, started April 1 2014


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I just discovered the log section on the forum, and I'm pleased to have a place to record this W30.


I've been doing low carb/high fat/primal for about 12 years now, and I find that I've been slipping into bad habits: too much cheese and heavy cream; too few veggies; too much obsessing over carbs; too much coffee (often as an excuse for heavy cream, I think). And a drink every night--not so great. And lots of little carby treats. I'm gluten-intolerant, but I've been eating some gluten-y things and paying the consequences.


My goals:

a. Lose the 4 lbs of fat around my belly that crept on over the winter, even though I have been skate skiing or snowshoeing almost every day. This should be the least important goal, but it's hard not to have it be the most important goal

b. much more important: regain a healthy relationship with food, so I go back to cooking good meals instead of relying on cheese. I love to cook, I love vegetables and meat, and I love creative sauces. But prioritizing the time to prepare good food has been hard this past 6 months.

c. sleep better: menopause is tiresome that way

d. resolve, if possible, the muscle aches and joint pains that have begun to affect me over the past year. I absolutely love to mountain bike, kayak, ski, hike, swim, skate, backpack--anything outside. My research takes me out in kayaks almost every day of the summer. And after 52 years of being active, I've suddenly started getting problems with: first my elbow, then my knee, then my hip, then back to my knee, then the ball of my foot, then back to my hip. None of the pains are really dehabilitating, but I want to figure them out. Over $1000 of PT hasn't really helped, so I hope better nutrition will.


My challenges:

a. Staying off the scale!

b. Cutting out heavy cream and cheese

c. Cutting out the nightly bourbon habit

d. Taking the time to buy, prepare, cook, store, and eat good meals


I started on Sunday March 31 easing into an April 1 start, allowing myself 1 T of heavy cream, 2 ounces of cheese, and 1 ounce of bourbon.


April 1:

M1: coffee w/coconut (henceforth CC); frittatta w/lots of veggies; red pepper

M2: chicken, roasted veggies (asparagus, winter squash, mushrooms, peppers), CC, 

M3: paleo pad thai, salad

Health : sore knee, lots of energy during the day (which is usual for me), hard time falling to sleep, disrupted sleep night before


April 2

M1: coffee w/coconut (henceforth CC); frittatta w/lots of veggies, leftover paleo pad thai

M2: paleo pad thai, chicken, roasted veggies, CC, 

snack: handful cashews after a lunchtime ski (plus I snowshoed in the am, and went for a hike with a colleague after work, so maybe it's not so surprising I got so hungry. Bring 2 meals to work!)

M3: paleo cocoa chili, aoili, avocado, spinach, salad w/more tahini sauce


health: sore knee and hip, headache in AM, hard time falling to sleep, disrupted sleep night before



April 3:

M1: CC, fritatta

M2: chicken, roasted veggies, tahini sauce, cashews w/the meal

M3: paleo cocoa chili, aoili, avocado, spinach, salad w/more tahini sauce

evening snack: big spoonfuls of baba ganouj while i prepared it for the next couple of days


health: NO sore muscles, headache in PM, VERY hard time falling to sleep, disrupted sleep night before



April 4

M1: CC, fritatta, baba ganooj w/ red peppers and cukes

M2: CC, paleo chili, tahini sauce, roasted veggies, broiled kale

M3: kale, paleo chili, spinach, mushrooms, aoili sauce


health: NO sore muscles, mild headache in AM, exhausted from poor sleep

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April 5: slept well the night before, thankfully. I added 2/3 of a sweet potato yesterday, and I was more careful about sleep hygiene (no computer for 2 hours before bed! I always use a sleep mask and white noise app, plus I keep the room cold. But sometimes I get lazy about shutting off facebook well before bed).


M1: fritatta, tomatoes, baba ganooj, CC

M2: kale soup, chili, tomatoes, CC

M3: rogan josh curry, kale, tea, tomatos, macademias in the curry


Nice ski (slow in the spring snow); snowshoe to check out the sugarbush, very heavy snow and tired


Health: no muscle or joint aches, feel much more rested. Some digestive upset: possibly all the coconut cream in my coffee, so I'll cut that back to see

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