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Hello Whole9ers! Newbie :-)


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Hi everyone - 


I have now been on Paleo for about 3 months, with minor cheats, and I think I am ready for my first Whole30.


My story in short: 37, former yo-yo dieter, have been suffering from chronic fatigue for about 5 years, heavily overweight, have been unable to lose any weight at all for 3 years. Most recently (mostly last spring and summer) dabbled with raw food and green smoothies and juice cleanses and such, energy levels and digestion only got marginally better, weight didn't budge at all.


A few months ago I got a sudden bout of colitis, and decided that I had to do something to fight my family's curse with digestive issues, so after a little research I started excluding grains and dairy. Tried re-introducing it in small quantities after a few weeks and I got a clear message from my body: "I'll have none of that ****, thanks" so here I am.


Sleep is better, digestion is great, lost 8 1/2 pounds (not doing this for the weight loss, but it;s a nice bonus) and I am starting to see a little light at the end of the tunnel that is adrenal burnout/chronic fatigue.


I have been consuming very few Paleoified baked goods and such, and managed to stick to my guns during a recent trip to Italy, where I consumed only protein, vegetables, good fats, a little fruit, some nuts. However when you eat out the chance of the dishes containing MSG-based broth or a little sugar or corn starch is high even in lovely Italy, so I feel like hitting the reset button would be good.


And that brings us to now  :) 

I am reading the book, not quite done but I'd like to start tomorrow. I don't want to wait. I have read the guidelines and philosophy behind the program and also have read other Paleo books and listened to Paleo podcasts, so I think I can manage for the next few days until I get through It Starts With Food.

One question: I do really well when I consume a mug or two of homemade bone broth most days. Can I still do that? I make mine in my slow cooker and it cony contains (antibiotic-free, hormone-free) beef +  beef bones, Himalayan salt, 1-2 organic carrots, garlic, onion, fresh cayenne pepper, fresh ginger, black pepper, cloves.

Sorry for such a long post  :rolleyes:


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