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Starting April 28


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I have to give this 30 days. 


I've had spurts of going completely clean/Paleo and certainly enjoyed the increase of energy, better tolerance of heat and sun, positive digestive effects among other benefits...


I needed some accountability so I joined the Whole30 and am hoping for some support.


I am a VERY active and athletically competitive individual but am carrying a good 20-25 pounds of extra "stuff" around that I just can't shed, even with 2-a-day and sometimes 3-a-day moderate to strenuous physical training. 


I am a BMX/Gravity MTB Racer on both the National and Collegiate circuits and about a month ago joined my colleges Olympic Weightlifting Team to add some spice to my training. I train nearly daily. I eat A LOT... 


A little history: In 2011, I weighed in three years ago at 126 pounds. I ate mostly clean and was very active, happy and felt in good health. I was ranked National #2 for my age and racing class! But after a bad crash, a major injury and a gnarly abdominal surgery, I took nearly a year to recover - and by recover I mean I had to learn to sit up, walk upright and ride my bike again. Now here I am nearly three years later, at 150 pounds. While I'm back on my bike now racing again, I've lost my edge. Not to mention I feel heavy, fatigued, slow, and am suffering from a plethora of negative physical symptoms which I care not to divulge here. 


I know my nutrition in both quality and quantity is the culprit. I need this to break free of my bad-eating prison. Glad to be here!





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