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Trying Whole30 again, Hannah's Log


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Day 1 of Whole30! I am a lot more ready for this time around than I was last time. I am ready to get strong and stay focused, I have checked out the next 30 days and planned for unexpected things and events that we do have. This is my choice and I am ready, I can't wait to feel good. My husband is going to be with me on this journey of lifestyle change, he isn't following it strictly but is supporting me. 


Breakfast this morning I had the Sunrise Scramble from WellFed cookbook and zucchini soup with some black coffee. My plan for food the rest of the day is meal 2 of bison meat with sauteed peppers and onions with kale and macadamia nuts. I have work out so my pre-wo is chicken and cashews. Dinner is planned cincinnati chili from WellFed with a salad.


Any suggestions for the first day on the meal planning? Or any other suggestions!!



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