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Day 5 of my first Whole 30 adventure


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This is officially day 5 of my Whole 30 experience. I really got started on Monday, July 30th, but was not 100% sure until I signed up and made a commitment. Plus I wanted to start with the pack on August 1st! There is something about doing something with a team as opposed to trying to follow a plan on your own. There is an accountability factor, but also knowing that you can check in on others and see if they are sharing some of your issues and learn how they are overcoming obstacles.

My health goals are to improve my skin and hair health, plus increase energy and digestive health. I have psoriasis and believe that my diet probably has a direct affect on the severity. Eliminating sugar and alcohol will be my biggest challenges. I eat clean most of the time other than chocolate and red wine, so those will be my cravings. This weekend is the first one where I couldn't have a glass of wine with my guy, so that gave me a little heartache.

Favorite things about the Whole 30 so far:

- Knowing I am doing something positive for me

-The yummy meats and veggies

- Fats (love coconut oil, avocado, olives and other fats that I usually don't get to have)

- skipping processed foods entirely

Hardest part so far:

- no red wine with dinner

- no chocolate

- no Greek yogurt or cheese

I am not overweight, but losing 10 lbs would not be a bad thing. I have been training to run a 10K and suffered an injury, so I am back to walking and weight lifting. Frustrated by the fact that I desire to run, and can't but I am trying to stay positive. I am looking forward to finding out what agrees with me and what doesn't after the 30 days is done and i start reintroducing foods to my body.

Feeling pretty energetic today and happy that I made it through Saturday night without cheating and having wine!

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