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Tahoecorgilover - the next 30 day journey begins

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So I finished my first Whole30 yesterday.  I decided to go another 30.  I started Whole30 because of health issues (GERD/LPR).  I'm happy with the progress I have made the first 30 days on this eating plan.  When I began, my throat was burning, my mouth was burning, I had digestive issues, lots of phlegm and couldn't keep weight on.  I was down to 100 pounds at one point and was scared I would end up in the 90's.  Failure to thrive pretty much summed me up.  The first few days of my Whole30 were surprising to me.  I had a headache, nausea and had very low energy.  I felt like I had the flu, but had read that this could happen the first week or so.  Prior to starting the Whole30 eating plan I had given up sugar (except for occasional stevia), bread, dairy, anything highly acidic, nightshades and most fruit.  So I wasn't expecting side effects.  They only lasted a few days though and then I rebounded.


I pretty much ate the same thing every day with small variations.  At first I wasn't eating enough protein and wasn't eating much fat either.  Once I added protein and fat and some sweet potatoes I felt good.  I never had to snack, just stuck with 3 meals a day but they were fairly good-sized meals compared to what I was used to.  The only thing I drank was water and Throat Coat tea.


About two weeks or so into it I noticed that my chronic sore throat had pretty much gone away.  What a surprise!  I have had the sore throat for going on 3 years and nothing seemed to help it much.  It just quietly left.  My mouth isn't as sore either.  My energy is good throughout the day and I am sleeping better. My digestion seems better too.  I take 2 enzymes before each meal.   I also find that I am more relaxed than I was before.  Unfortunately, I still have way too much phlegm and an occasional lump in my throat (LPR).  But I'm hopeful that if I continue longer, I'll see more progress.  This is the most progress I've made in 3 years.  I was certain that I had gained weight - I thought about 5 pounds or so.  I was surprised to weigh this morning and was exactly the same weight (well, almost - I gained 4 ounces).  I'm still 107 pounds.  But I feel good so I'm not going to worry about it.


I'm not on any medication for GERD/LPR.  I wasn't able to tolerate the proton pump inhibitors (PPIs/Nexium, Prilosec...).  I tried 4 different kinds of PPIs and had all of the side effects and felt awful on them.  So I stopped taking them and changed my eating habits and made lifestyle changes.  But until now, nothing helped that much.  


So that's the quick version of my back story to present.  I'm happy on this eating plan, have made progress and will continue to see what happens next.  I will tweak a few things now and then to see if it makes a difference.  I might try a week without eggs and another without any nuts.  Otherwise, I'm just going to try to be a little bit more creative in my food choices.  One of these days I'm going to make that mayo and those salmon cakes!!!  



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