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One week complete - a success in my eyes


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Well here I am looking day 8 straight in the eye as I say goodnight to day 7. One week down! Yea me!!!


I started this adventure on a whim (hey how hard can this Whole30 thing be compared to paleo - ya, right!) and I have been on a massive learning curve all week. Guess I'm a bit of a geek and while being headachy and tired all week I have had an excellent excuse to rest while I read-up on Whole30.


As the first week winds down I can say I am delighted with how satisfied I feel with the food plan. (I have been mostly vegetarian for over 10 years and even mostly raw for the past 4 or so months. Wow I have missed meat!.) Although the headaches and tiredness were a bit tough for a few days the resulting feeling of nourishing my body overrides it all.


As I look at the second week I am hoping my 5:30AM bootcamps are not so tiring (aka completely exhausting as in I have to sit down after and just collect myself because I think I might pass out if I get up to walk to my car!). I also have looked into the pre and post workout guidelines and expect that will make a difference.


I wish I would have weighed myself but my scale and me broke up long ago. But I do know I feel smaller around the middle. Tomorrow's workout will be telling, and I can't wait to see how it goes!


One last note … I'm so delighted to see such a supportive forum of health conscious people trying to help others from what they have learned and experienced. The moderators are informed and kind with enough of a gentle push to keep people going. Bravo you.

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