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Started Whol30 Mothers Day! May 11th


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Good morning everyone,

I started my first whole30 yesterday.  I have been Paleo since March 3rd after my doctor suggested I try it due to sever stomach cramping and stomachaches.  So for my Whole30, my main things to cut out are honey, coconut sugar and dark chocolate.  I have also decided to cut out almond butter, even though it is allowed.  Mainly because I eat too much of it.


I still get stomachaches but not nearly as severe or as often as I did before Paleo.  


My first 2 weeks of Paleo in March were difficult, mainly because I couldn't stay awake. I am hoping to not have many of the Whole30 symptoms listed seeing I have been Paleo for 2 months already.  


My hardest thing will be not looking at the scale for 30 days, I am hoping to break my scale habit during the next 29 days. :)


Good luck to everyone.


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