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Day 10 - Thursday 15th May 2014


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Hi Everyone!


So, today is day 10 for me and I'm feeling pretty darn fabulous! Cravings have gone, weird dreams about chocolate fondants have gone, my body seems to be enjoying the good food, my energy levels are great, I've somehow turned into a morning person, I'm feeling less stressed, I'm feeling strong and happy.....and my skin is looking amazing.....and people have been noticing that my body shape is changing.


This morning, my husband said 'This is definitely working for you, give us a twirl'....so I twirled and he said 'Yup, hello waist!'....He is the most amazingly supportive husband!


Anyway....this is not just me boasting....this is me letting everyone know that THIS WORKS!!!! So, keep going and you'll be feeling fabulous before you know it.


Happy Thursday!



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