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Hi, my name is Courtney and I just started the program today. It is almost 3pm and I am doing pretty well. My first most challenging time is almost over. My second one will be around 9pm... I always tend to feel hungry and want to snack before bed. 


Both my meals today were tasty and good, but I think this will be harder than I thought to not have any grains. This is a first for me. I cut back on them with my second pregnancy about 2 years ago because I had gestational diabetes (a light case, if that even makes sense, my numbers were never that bad as long as I ate well), but I have never gone more than 1 day without them. So, here we go! 

I am very excited. I think for the most challenging thing will be the prep and time to plan. I have never been good at that, which was when I would make the worst food choices... pick up a take and bake pizza or something. 


I am excited to start this and I look forward to being a part of this forum for support, because I will definitely need it! 



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