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Day 2


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Hello other Whole30'ers!


Day 2 afternoon.  Hard but not impossible.  I feel sluggish, I really want to nap, I have crossfit to go to still and I am a little out of sorts.  Ok, a lot out of sorts.  But I have one more day to feel hung-over before I feel like killing my dissertation writing partner :) .  Kidding aside, Whole30 is hard.  Crossfit is hard. Dissertating is difficult.  But all these three things have that in common, and if I can start making a habit of actually GOING THRU the hard stuff, I know I will be happier.


I'm expecting the sugar dragon to come roaring in soon, and when that happens, I hope to have made a friend on here that I can get support from. 


We are in this together.  Hu-rah!  (Can I sleep now?...)

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