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Started 7/20/2014... Here goes everything!


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Husband and I started our first Whole30 yesterday, July 20th. 

We're both 30 years old and are coming into this being very overweight and needing to lose a significant amount of weight, but for me, more specifically, I'm doing this because I'm tired of feeling like absolute crap every day. I have PCOS and have been contending with it for most of my life; also, recently I've been feeling mega sluggish and having joint pain and bloodwork shows inflammation that they just can't figure out a cause for. I'm on medication that is sort of helping, but it's one of those meds where it's likely that as soon as I get off of it, it'll all come back. I'm REALLY not looking forward to the idea of being on any medication for the rest of my life, so... here I am. 


Both hubby and I have somehow managed to luck out and are not otherwise unhealthy -- our BP and blood sugar are normal and cholesterol could use a little help but isn't in danger-zone or anything. 


Our challenges are essentially laziness and lack of time. We commute an hour+ each way to work and back every day and typically find that the extra effort it takes to prepare a healthy dinner is usually beaten out by the desire to zone out in front of the TV or go to bed early. 


We've tried multiple times on multiple different plans -- Weight Watchers (which I've done several times with varying success), South Beach... you name it. But now, something's gotta give. 


I'm blogging about my progress -- I'd be happy to share the link if anyone's interested! 

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HI! How have your first couple days been? What kind of stuff are you eating? Did you pre-prepare a bunch of things?


I'm 32 and my hubby is 37. I'm overweight, a bit, he's not. I plan to start Aug 1st and he's considering just doing it w/ me for ease. We also both commute an hr to and from work (no kids) and totally understand not wanting to cook after that kind of day! I think we plan to make and freeze 30 days worth of meals thanks to this website another member on here showed me: http://onceamonthmeals.com/50-freezable-whole30-recipes/. I just KNOW no matter what i say, i'm not going to come home nightly at 8pm and cook a full meal, reheat I can handle.


Did you read the book? I'm about 60% of the way through it.



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First few days are going okay! Day 1 was great, Day 2 was hell, Day 3 (today) is going pretty well so far. We are eating a TON of veggies and some fruits, plus we made chicken salad (with homemade mayo), and a few other dinner entrees for the week that we're rotating around (pulled chicken and salsa, a meat sauce to serve on zoodles, and some meatballs). I'm having this weird problem with protein kinda making me gag... I've never been much of a meat eater, at least not like this, so I'm having a hard time. 


We are using Sundays for meal prep, which is helping us out TONS this week. Last night we came home and all we had to do was heat it up. It was GREAT. Tonight we actually have to cook because we're having shrimp, and I'm weirded out by pre-cooking and reheating seafood. But... shrimp don't take long to cook so we should be okay! Cooking when we get home usually sucks, but hopefully this will train us to either do it in advance or just suck it up. No kids for us either, so that helps things not take so long, ha! I am going to check out that website for the 30 days worth of meals, but I'm not sure our freezer can handle it! Hahaha!


I bought the book on my Kindle but haven't started it yet... I will be starting it tonight! :) 

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How did you make you mayo? Did you get some kind of gadget to make zoodles? Where did you get the red sauce and meat ball recipe from? Could you share it? Were they easy to make? (I can eat spaghetti all day every day so if i could make up a huge batch of that and freeze and figure out how to make zoodles i might be a happy camper and lunch and/or dinner!


I'm getting WAY overwhelmed here and i haven't even started yet!!!


Thanks ahead of time!


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