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On It! Bree's Whole30 Adventure

Bree H

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Day 22 was another good energy day. I'm much more patient with the boys!

B: shredded sweet potato and egg patties, one sausage, bowl of broccoli

L: bowl of sugar snap peas, curried chicken salad in lettuce wraps

S: banana with sun butter

D: taco-seasoned ground beef over greens ith avocado, salsa, red pepper, carrot, cucumber, and radish

Yeah no dessert and no dates!

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Thanks Donna! They are really delicious!

Ok so! This is not how I thought yesterday, day 23, would go. It was my birthday, but, no problem. I had earlier made my mom's spaghetti sauce, which is my favorite food in the world, and which I always have on my birthday. This time it would be over zuke noodles, yum. And since I hadn't made any other plans with friends, I didn't envision any issues.

Surprise - literally. Two of my closest friends came up from the city to kidnap me for lunch at our favorite pizzeria. One of these friends is an advent vegetarian and I'd specifically avoided telling her about the Whole 30 because I knew it would upset her (I used to be vegetarian, too). They were so pleased with themselvese for surprising me and arranging childcare for my boys so that we could go out. There is nothing whole 30 compliant at this place - not even a green salad. So, I made the deliberate decision to go off the Whole 30 and to restart tomorrow.

And I'm so glad I did, but not because of the pizza! I started this challenge primarily to lose weight. I had 30 lbs to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I also have a family history of obesity and diabetes, although when not pregnant I've never had issues. But although the science behind getting rid of grains, legumes, dairy, etc made sense to me when I read ISWF and the Primal Blueprint, I didn't have symptoms that I was trying to eliminate, besides the weight.

Well, today I don't feel so good. I don't feel agonizingly awful, but I don't feel great. Subpar. Sluggish. And that is, kind of weirdly, so exciting. This IS helping me! And I got on the scale, to restart. I've lost 6.6 lbs in 22 days on the Whole 30. That's completely mind blowing to me. and now I know another trigger for me - not wanting to disappoint friends, or feel judged - and I can work to avoid it.

So - I'm starting over and I'm really really quite excited about it!

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Bree! Good for you for fessing up and pulling up the big girl panties and heading right back in.....That experience may have been necessary to solidify your conviction. I started 3 days ago so jump in my thread anytime. We can keep each other accountable. Glad you enjoyed your day out with your friends and....best thing, you were able to see how the food impacted you. Next best thing, the weight loss! I have tried every diet on the planet and this is the only game in town for me.....I have gone from a size 16 to a size 12 since January....I just started my 3rd W30 after 2 vacations caused me to go bananas with sugar and wheat....stay aboard!

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