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My Whole30 Adventure Starts Today!


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Hi everyone! My name is Nicki and I started my Whole30 challenge this morning. After my meal, I felt full and good about what I ate but I am also aware that this is only day 1. Based on things and posts I have read, it is going to be a little tough this upcoming week. Which is why I am glad I am able to log my progress and be a part of a great forum like this!

I am not really overweight or out of shape. I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and eat pretty healthy, however, I go through these "sugar phases" where I find every excuse in the world for two or three days at a time to indulge in my favorite sweets. I end up feeling guilty about it EVERY SINGLE TIME! And, I am a huge carbs person - I love bread. But after reading "It Starts With Food", I want to change my life and stop making excuses for the terrible crap I'm putting in my body. I want to feel better and more energized and I don't want to have to put in extra time at the gym every time I let myself cheat.

I love challenges and I know that I can do this. But everyone needs support! I currently live with my boyfriend, who practices a pretty healthy diet, but says that he wants to live realistically and not "off of a menu". He vows to support me through this challenge, but I know it's going to be hard on the nights he decides to eat candy or frozen yogurt. That's where all of you (hopefully) will come in!

So my first meal was really simple this morning: 3 scrambled eggs, a banana with cinnamon and a handful of carrots. I am going to the store tomorrow to stock up on goodies off the food list. Any suggestions, tips, guidelines anybody has would be much appreciated!


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